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Sunday, February 02, 2014

LOG Turns 10: A Look Back at that First Magical Night

Happy anniversary to LOG! Ten years ago today, four crazy motherf***ers made the harrowing 420-mile trek from Notre Dame to Gobbler's Knob and back again in under 24 hours. Despite no booze consumption and not wearing nearly enough layers, I think it's safe to say we had a pretty fun time that day.

And since then, I think we have all made really nice progress on our life goals, as stated in this blog's sidebar.

  • Jimbo: Once a college boy. Now a grown-up man. Enjoys hockey, girls, and wearing funny hats. His goal is to find the Bee and restore him to his rightful position as Jimandi Corp SEO.
  • Natalie: Dislikes many things. Requires that her pants be in tip-top shape. Enjoys horses, but not derbies. Wants to have her very own garden gnome when she grows up.
  • Johnny: Mysterious party dude of the night. Enjoys triangles, squares, and the occasional pentagon. His life-long goal is to order an MGD at the 'Backer by pointing to his hat.
  • Holly: Our very own robotics expert. Enjoys tag team wrestling, being a nerd, and goat noises. Hopes to one day own the largest novelty molar in the state of Texas.
  • Debbie: Mexican beauty who loves to cook, clean, and wrestle with her favorite boys. Wants to some day win the world's most awesome nice girl award.
  • Andy: Every legitimate club needs a bagpipes player and this is where Andy comes in. AKA Boney, this SEO enthusiast loves China and websites but despises both LOG and its blog.

  • I have indeed restored the Bee to his rightful position as Jimandi Corp SEO.
  • Natalie owns her very own garden gnome.
  • Not sure if Johnny has ever ordered an MGD by pointing to his hat. Hmmm.
  • Holly does own a pretty large novelty molar, though I'm not sure if it's the largest in the entire state of Texas.
  • Debbie is still working on winning the world's most awesome nice girl award, but she's getting close!
On behalf of Punxsutawney Phil, "Happy Groundhog Day to all. And to all a good night."