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Friday, October 22, 2004

Cecil Fielder

For those of you who may think that gambling is "cool" or the "answer to all of life's problems" or a "great way to spend fall break," maybe you should check out the story of legendary Detroit Tigers player Cecil Fielder, who gambled away his entire $47 million career earnings. And now, I guess his wife is pretty pissed off. Can't imagine why. Oh, good thing we have this USA Today story:
In her filings, Stacey Fielder alleged her husband had engaged in "an avalanche of misconduct" that caused her angry outbursts, and asked the court to enjoin her husband "from dissipating any more assets."

Cecil Fielder also listed $19.4 million in assets in his divorce papers — although that included $9 million for the house he no longer owns; $2 million in furnishings, most of which are no longer there; and more than $6 million from a variety of businesses — Big Daddy Classic Cars, CJ Fielder Transportation, Fielder Realty, etc. — none of which is reachable by telephone.

Read more: USATODAY.com - Poor tale of Cecil Fielder

Vegas Pictures, etc.

Pictures and stories from Vegas are now available for your viewing pleasure at the 107 Keenan Website. And most of you have not yet signed the guestbook, which is inexcuseable.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Vegas Recap

Well we survived. I left here on Friday with $240 in my pocket, went to Vegas, ate like a king, drank like a fish, and saw some great shows and returned to 107 Keenan Hall with $235 in my wallet. So it was a $5 vacation, yay for winning money in casinos. Pictures and the like to come soon. Mikey and I went to a hypnosis show our last night and of course we were two of the people up on stage, and we did a ton of ridiculous shit. And we have a video of it. Fin.

I woke up this morning....

....with texas on my mind. (maybe only nat will get the pat reference but who cares) i just wanted to let you all know that i will be setting my feet back on sacred ground, american soil that is, tommorrow at 9 am. woot woot. my brothers wedding is on saturday night and our entire extended family will be there.....in other words i am going to be as overwhelmed and emotional as phil when he first popped his little head out of that knob! anywho, just writing before i leave to say hi and to tell you that things are still as awesome in mexico as they have previously been. although i must admit i have seen no jude law types....way to go na na! and sorry to hear about the lafun group by the way, they truly are wretched! but dont worry we will bring the phrase back with our new puebla shirts, you will see. LOGBLOG still alive? Fine by me!

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Something tells me

that the Fine By Me campaign has hit an all-time low. Do you know what has led me to this conclusion? The fact that all of them are here! The whole loud annoying LaFourtune group is here! All of you on campus better live it up, because I'm the one suffering here! All I can hope for is that some of them will be gone by the end of this week. And if not...