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Saturday, May 29, 2004

Skins Night ^2

Here at 1320 Cambridge, Ann Arbor, MI 48104 a new phenomenon is developing. It's called "No pants weekend." The concept is rather simple. There is a drying rack next to the front door. When you walk in, you remove your pants and put them on the rack. When you leave, you have the choice (but not the obligation) to put your pants back on. I invite you all to participate in this special event from wherever you may be. Enjoy your newfound freedom.

Suite 750

Announcing the newest blog on the block: Suite 750: It all happens here. (It's our office blog for those of you who can't figure it out.)

Friday, May 28, 2004

Bert Fan Club

Bert, I wish you wouldn't drink so much, Bert.

I saw a book of 1,000 places to visit before you die...

...and Punxsutawney was nowhere to be found. But the Derby was there! So was the French Quarter and Preservation Hall in New Orleans. Which Reminds me: http://www.nd.edu/~mjohnsto/neworleans/ Pictures of me and my little sis standing on the bar hula-hooping...what a night

you know what they say about guys in small font

apparently i don't post enough. i went to bed at 7:30 last night, it was awesome. gerbil? anyone want to go to windsor this weekend? what about the cottage in canada? me and andy went once and drank all of their liquor and went to a bagpipe parade. in closing, Any man, in the right situation, is capable of murder. But not any man is capable of being a good camper. So, murder and camping are not as similar as you might think.

p.s. i know this post is longer than the 3 lines i mandated, but if debbie gets to disregard it so do i

Thursday, May 27, 2004

Nos Amo

I love this blog and our LOG....ok bye

Guess what I just found...

Ugh, yeah. Hey, remember when I tore my room apart frantically and unpacked and then repacked the same few boxes twice looking for my student id? Well I feel like a real fool because I just found it in the pocket of my fleece. I am crazy. That is why. What am I going to do with myself?


"Ooooh, míreme, yo hablo español."


It's about time.

You can check your email now. To some of you, good luck with it.


I would like to ask the committee if they are considering naming a may, june, july, and august roomate of the month or if the program is over as a result of 303 farley hall unfortunately needing to be vacated during the first week of may? I would further like to know why it is that it seems like some of my post and comments take forever to show up or do not show up at all.....is the blog too big? I wish it wouldnt be. Miss you all ok bye

michael 'small font' johnston

i just wanted to comment on how johnny's member name is now smaller than the rest of ours and how i think it is rather appropriate since he stinks at blogging.....what no good? come on johnston get with the program buddy.

You're Stupid

You're Stupid. Quite frankly, I don't like the cut of this website's jib. What the heck is this?

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

A post from Mother

Here is a message from Mother, who asked me eariler today, "Can I make a post to the LOGblog?" Well, here you go...
hi everybody! IT'S MY ANNIVERSARY TODAY and I forgot to feed the dog dinner. she was very happy when I came home.

So as you can see, it has been a very exciting evening here at the Atkinson household. Okay, bye.

Exciting News...

Check your email soon. Adios.

absolute craziness

hello all well this week has been a week of craziness. the campers arrived sunday. wow thye are all so awesome! monday we had activities and projects all d ay then we finished off the day with Shrek olympics. yep thats right. i was a witch and boy was i good. the kids ran from me. i couldnt help but laugh. i ahd so mnay kids call me ugly. i ran a posion apple station . i had way too much fun. then last night we had the same day schedule but for the evening activity we had a cookout. we made a fire out of wood i na pit and cooked up fajitas, rice, veggies, tortillas and ice cream and fry bread! yum yum. today we had this thing called mud wars. it was so much fun. yes i went in the mud. i got mud thrown in my face and all over my hair and body. i never thought mud could be fun. toamrrow is the last day sadly of acitives. we wil lfinish it off with a dance. i can't wqait. then the campers leave fridya and i get a break till sat when it will start all over agian. it has been so much fun but i do miss yall! i hope everything is great with eveytron\1

Guess what day it is

That's right it's humpday. Workin towards the weekend. It's not my birfday. Oh, my little chickadees.

Tuesday, May 25, 2004


Hey everybody! Where did all of the posts go? Didn't anyone do anything noteworthy lately?

Monday, May 24, 2004

New Design

Sweet new redesign over at our sister blog, The LOG Blog Blog. How does everyone else feel?

Sunday, May 23, 2004

New Job

Well, Jimbo and I are starting our jobs tomorrow at Orbis Marketing. We'll let you know how it goes.

Have a scrumptillous dillwaggy hygonderful week!

Have a good week all

Hey loggers~ Sorry i am probably the longest poster so i will try to meet the needs of peeder and keep my posts short....just wanted to wish everyone a great new week...good luck and have fun with whatever you are all up to and hope the weekend was good to you!
Love Holbot

Ann Arbor? She's only 14!

Great episode of Sopranos tonight! I thought they would never kill that jerk! We need some posting guidelines: nothing over 3 lines, my drug dependencies have zapped my attention spa