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Saturday, September 04, 2004

New World Record

Yesterday after surgery, Debs made chicken enchiladas for dinner. I wasn't allowed to eat anything after midnite on Thursday, so I was starving. Man, they were good. I ate 9! Thanks Debs! Way to go on the ears! Go Irish!

ear lobe adventrues

so i gota crazy urge to peirce my ears again so today i randomnly went to the mall and double peirced my ears. it look easy cool and fun. it did hurt a little but it was so worth it. i am thinking of getting cartiledge done but they wouldnt do it at the mall so i dont know. we shall see. it was totally randomn though. just an urge. oh well....i figure if i dislike it i ccan just take it out. :) i saw johnny last night..he looked really good. poor guy. oh and guess what i guess sickness is spread across continents cuz i got sick last night...it sucked. and what sucked more is jamie decided to not walk me home. boys :( oh well. i feel much better today just really drugged up :) well first game tonight! woohoo. have a wonderful weekend

Closed Nasal Reduction

was quite successful, I think. Have to wear a brace on my nose for a few days, and I look like a total tool. But such is life. Ok, it's football Saturday, I have to run and do things like mix Vicodin and alcohol (except without the alcohol
) Peace out homefries.

Friday, September 03, 2004



Bzz, bzz bzz...
Bzz, bzz bzz...

Bzz, bzz bzz bzz bzz bzz bzz, bzz bzz!!!

Bzz, bzz bzz bzz bzz!!!

Bzz, bzz bzz bzz bzz!!!




Thursday, September 02, 2004

Happy aniversary

happy aniversary everyone! even though i did not take part in the log festivities the first time i am so honored to be let in the club. happy anniversary to you orginal four members. I hope yall wore your shirts proudly today. i know jimmy did! what a crazy fella. i hope yall are feeling better. hoepfully this sickness isnt spread across continents. well miss yall

me too

well it seems that nat has a cold and johnny needs surgery and i am going to secnd that,....i have a mean mean cold (gripa) after staying out on tuesday night at a bar called el tigre to 4 am with my mexican brother and sister and dancing the night away to songs such as california dreamin tecno style, hey hey baby...will you be my girl, greased lightning and usher´s yeah.....oyu see i thought i would be getting a foreign experience but it seems that our cheesy american music is muy popular aqui en mexico. ok well happy belated anniversary and congrats to johnbot for roomie of the month....ps debs, when i get back i can help cook since i have been learning the mexcian ways here in my house......mmm mmm.

August Roommate of the Month

After much deliberation and a technical difficulty with our ballot-counting machine, we, the Committee, on this date which marks the beginning of the eighth month of LOG's existence, hereby formally declare our decision for August Roommate of the Month. Congratulations, Michael "Johnny " Johnston.

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Roomate of the month?

so where is the roomate of the month nomination/announcement. wow this is a first. Someone needs to fill the spot for august. in other news. we ar ehaving our first dinner back at nd in honor of johnny and his surgery. hopefully he will be able to enjoy it even though the surgery sounds pretty intense. y all should see his nose. it is a little crooked. :( poor guy. anyway so chicken enchiladas on friday for anyone that can come. dont worry jimmy there will be food festivities next week when you come. alright i miss everyone. glad yall are having fu nin your exotic places

The Return of the King

Tonight is Wednesday, and barring a significant injury, I will be at State. It is my last night to party for a while (surgery, etc.) so I will get rowdy. It won't be as cool as that magical Friday when we were all there, but it should be pretty fun anyways. You guys should come. I'll try to remember to post when I get home.

PS - the blog was a really good idea.

Lay off!

I've been way crazy busy and have absolutely no time. In fact, this is just a break between classes and I have to go! I've started working at Parliament now which is kinda cool. I've kinda layed off on the partying because I've got a bit of a cold. Anyways, I gotta go! Ok, bye. Will try to post later. P.S. I have London photos up now. Bye!

Happy September

Hey everyone, it's the first day of September! Do you know what that means?

Yes, but besides St. Fiacre's Feast Day!

Give up?

Yes, that's right: Tomorrow is "Wear Your Groundhog Day Shirt" Day. I think it'll be fun because the four of us who have ours are all over the northwestern portion of this spheroidical thing we call "earth." Natalie and Holly, you did take your shirts with you to London and Puebla, right? Okay, then we're all set. As for the rest of you (without shirts), tomorrow could be skins day. And Saint Fiacre's Feast Day, fine.

Tuesday, August 31, 2004


in response to johnnys last post i guess i will post something but i cant promise that it will be very exciting. this weekend i did go to veracruz and the beach was amazing....i am now as red as the communist flag that andy and jimbot hung on south quad and i danced and drank pina coladas in a bar named after an egyptian god....ay ay ay.....this weekend we are headed to a place called cuetxzalan and its all paid for by nd...i guess they are good for something....i will let you know how that goes.....ps i have the initiative and work ethic of a second semester senior year jimbot when it comes to classes and school work around here and i must admit that i am a little scared....any suggestions?

Monday, August 30, 2004


Why is all the news coming out of ND, when you girls are in wild and crazy places. Saddle up, and start blogging for real.
PS - surgery on Friday, apparently the nose is pretty fucked up

johnny and my first date

well since no one else was around, johnny i decided to make a date out of rich's party! we went together nad celebrated the birthday of one of my favorite poeple. yep that rich! of course with how wild johnny is he got glued to the keg! it was quite funny. it was a good night but i must say it wasnt the same without you girls. I really missed ya! when you get back we will have to get rowdy together. well hope yall are having a blast!

Sunday, August 29, 2004

Broken body parts

Today I was playing football with some Keenan guys and I broke my nose. Boy, was there a lot of blood! Spent several hours in the ER. It's still crooked, hopefully i can get a doc to fix it tomorrow. If I remember, I'll take a picture. Other than that, everything is great.

Jimmy Atkinson

Ladies and gentlemen, announcing the newest Web site on the Internet:

Jimmy Atkinson

Now on the World Wide Web at www.jimmyatkinson.com.