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Saturday, July 10, 2004

today we were a saturday night

Today we had an awesome day at the lake with james leito and the leito crew....there is nothing like some good country music and hard core tubing, banana boat riding and attempts to get up on the wakeboard (holly sucks at this....nat is pro though guys!) If you've ever thought debbie scrafford was a hottie (which come on we all have at one time or another....) you should have seen her today in her water proof blue plastic glove! She was a trooper and even with a broken wrist and cast mangaged to participate in many of the extreme water sports. Oh and btw jimbot, although we didnt manage to take a pic of us all in short skirts, we did take some in swimsuits. We would like to also announce that there may be a new log movie to put on nats webspace that rivals the quality of doorway mattress jumping! Woot Woot.....we miss you boys maaa!


I am still alive, went to Cedar Point today. Tomorrow back to Ohio for Gaelic football: Detroit vs. Cleveland. Hopefully I'll get in the game. Lakes in Texas are fun, so is basketball. We need to begin practicing soon for next year's Bookstore tourney. I am going to maybe drive a 2005 Mustang this week, and a 2006 Mustang sometime in the next month. Very exciting. Time for bed, bye.

Shirts vs. Skins

Skins (Chuck and I) won the big basketball game against Shirts (I.C. Rams and my dad) today, 11-9. We had to comeback from an 8-3 deficit. It was intense. I had a much better showing this time than our LOG Bookstore game. Afterwards we all had In-N-Out burgers for lunch. I ate mine in the shower. It tastes so good in there. Alright, I have to go play Ms. Pac-Man now. OK, bye.

Hello out there...

Johnny, are you still alive? We're a little concerned about you. Please don't die. We would miss you.

Hello girls.

I can see that you are reading this now. What do you think?

Billy Bob's Texas Welcomes 303

After finally picking up Holly at the airport, we mosied on over to Billy Bob's Texas, the world's largest honky tonk. We met James there who was meeting some people from a camp, ironically the same camp in which Jamie works. Debbie surprised Jamie, and boy, was it scandalous! We arrived and the girls were amazed at the extreme western flair of this Texas country venue. Holly had a rather lucky night with the cowboys as she was given a drink from the bartender, gratis, and was very aggressively hit on by a fruity looking man who claimed that his girlfriend had past away yesterday. Riiight. I'm too quick for that and I rescued Holly from that bad, bad man. Tomorrow we are going to James's lake and we are all looking forward to it very much. We really miss you guys and wish you were all here with us. Love you! Bye! XOXO!

Friday, July 09, 2004


Bzz... Bzz... Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

another all time high?

I think the quality of the posting has skyrocketed once more....i love when it is extremely fun to read the blog and laugh out loud and say...Wow- i sure miss LOG....so thanks for all your creativity recently loggers...btw i also loooooove the creative blurb bios, and while i love the fact that everyone is finally included in the blog photo, i wonder if it is possible to post this picture as well as the other one or even maybe our roomate picture in order that people might not think the VP of robotics has been violently kidnapped and replaced by an abnormally large headed and obese creepy creepster pictured in the lower left hand corner of the current log photo...please? MAAAAA.

What do ya know?

There's so much I didn't know about you guys! Good thing the Blog tells all, huh! Thanks for the blurbs, Jimandi. XOXO!

Suspicious Lawn Ornament

Do you think this guy has any heroine in that basket?

Thursday, July 08, 2004

jimmy your my hero

jimmy i love you for changing the picture so im in it now that means so much to me. i didnt think it would ever happenbut you just totally made my day! yeah our family portrait is up i cant wait for pillow talk tomarrow

Triumphant (?) Return

The internet works again in my house, so I can post and what not. Today I saw a 2008 Lincoln Navigator, pretty cool. I also saw a crash test, an F-150 going 35 MPH into a steel pole. The car was wrecked. Also, I got to chill with the Crash Test Dummies (the actual Dummies, not the popular music group). It's really funny because it's federal law that they were dress shoes, and it looks absolutely absurd.

Today was also Gaelic football practice. I am tired. I am leaving for Mexico New Years Day, so I say we have the reunion there.

Having a blast here, but missing all you, sucks I don't get to see anyone this summer. Girls, give me a call when you're all together. LOG off.

Happy, Happy!

So many things are making me oh so happy right now! Holly's post in tribute to 303, the new picture of all six LOG members, and the upcoming 303 reunion! This will be a very special event because all of the 303 Cowgirls haven't been together since el cinco de Mayo and will not be together again until January! That means there will be a great deal of girly pillow talk and pillow fights in our underwear, because hey, that's what girls do! I can't wait!!!


Log, dont you know that you are toxic, i am slipping under....even five months in.....I am so addicted to log and w0w by the way that i tommorrow i will put on my blue suede shoes and board the plane, i so wish i could walk in memphis but fort worth is for sure the next best thing....afterall you friends are my inspiration and 303 is and forever will be my favorite part of notre dame! For this life is short but sweet for certain....thanks for making it that way guys....and jimmy told me to do the 303 post and sorry if it isnt cool enough to deserve this distinguished spot but i am at work and gonna get fired if i dont finish this post asap...so i hope you get the references to Log 303 Mix and i love you all....MAAAAAAA!

pickup lines

to stray from the normal recaps here are some pickup lines a fellow staff memeber used on me today....

"did it hurt? (me- what) when you fell from heaven"

"did you know the distance froim this shoulder to the spinal chord is the same as from the spinal chord to this shoulder" (as he puts he arm around my shoulders

"im new in town, do you think i couold get diretions to your apartment?"

"were you talkign ot me? (me- no) well will you please start talking to me now"

" how was heaven?"

yes they are all so funny but he seriously asked me like 15 in a row and tried to act all serious. i hope yall enjoyed the randomness as much as i did

put your back into it

so yesterday i was at the pool helping Agom go off of the high diving board (mabye 3 feet off the water) for the very first time when someone sa ys you can do it. she is breathing heavly in the fetal position as she responds put your back into it. it was the funnest thing ever. oh my gosh these kids are more and more adorable. in other news there is a 303 reunioon amoung the lobbers this weekend. i cannot wait. its going to be so awesome! ahhh! well have a wonderful day

Fortune Cookie Blog

Congratulations, LOGbloggers! We have finally reached our 300th post. Now, what better way to celebrate the LOGblog's tri-centurial post by creating a new blog? The Fortune Cookie Blog is now available for your perusal. Yum!

Log Reunion location and other such nonsense

Well Jimmy, judging from some of your other comments I am feeling bad about my lack of enthusiasm for the new blog design, and today while blogging i did come to appreciate it more, especially the comment section design....i just wish there was a little more color, you know? Anywho, while i love the idea of a reunion in morris, OK, i think new orleans or LA would most likely be more fun.....nat and i thought since we were coming home from foreign countries our fams might like it if we were closer to home than cali....but you know who really cares anyway! lets have a party! woot woot! Oh and i think we should celebrate 300 posts but better yet we should celebrate post number 303! Until then....could every one on the blog be slightly less cliqueish and/or sarcastic? Maaaaaaa! Meh nevermind, i guess that is just LOG!

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

LOGblog Request Line

Dearest Jimandi,
Do you think that it might be possible to create small blurbs similar to those found on the other Notre Dame blog for all LOG members? I think it would be a fantastic way to celebrate the 300th post and that it would provide a great amount of comedic entertainment to all.
Yours truly,

Hi Everybody!

It's been awhile since I've posted, I know. But I was very busy on my trip. There was just no time in between taking sandwiches to the office, cleaning up Jimmy's room and making cookies for the boys for me to do anything else. In all seriousness though, my trip was all too delightful and it was wonderful to spend time with the former residents of 222. Mother was just splendid and witnessing the interaction of the Atkinson men was very entertaining. But all good things must come to an end and now I am home in Fort Worth very eagerly awaiting the reunion of 303. I can hardly contain my excitement. Until next time, have a fabulous night.

Morris, Oklahoma Is Named Capital of LOG

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I have done it. With all of this talk about the location of the LOG reunion, I have plotted all of our homes on a map and determined the capital of LOG using our coordinate averages. Note that I used our real homes, not where we all really are right now. So for Debbie, I used Wichita, and for Johnny and Andy, I used Columbus.

The capital city's coordinates are 32.673° North, 97.427° West -- Morris, Oklahoma. Our Capitol Building is located directly at the center of the averages at E0840 Road, Morris, OK 74445.

But the reunion is still in Los Angeles.

LOG Reunion

With all of this talk about stuff, I think it's about that time again when we begin discussion of the annual LOG reunion. I do recall that some time ago, we had settled on Los Angeles as the location and New Year's as the time. Now recently, I have heard some rumors about New Orleans. I'm not so sure about this. But in any case, I am officially proposing (once again) that Los Angeles be the official reunion headquarters. Heck, I would even let Rich come, which is more than anyone else (in this office at least) can say.

I like it.......less than i am letting on?

Although it is nice to have a change of blog scenery i dont think i am a huge fan of this new design and color scheme.....anywho.....glad to hear that everyone seems to have had an eventful and enjoyable fourth of july weekend or week as the case may be.....In celebration of this fact and in true logger fashion, I am anticipating a continuation of good times by proposing the first annual summer 303 lob blog reunion in ft. worth texas this second weekend of july. Transportation is in the works and dependent upon the decision of the two pavlicks senior....but my hope is that they will be more easily persuaded than when plans for new orleans were in the works....regardless if this plan works for the other 2 lobbers, "3" and "0", than i, "3" will make it a point to get in my corolla and head northbound on I-45 with or without the blessing of my parentals! Woot Woot! Let me know!

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Speaking of Peter Pan...

Speaking of the Peter Pan Ride mentioned in the post titled In a way, there was a little boy of a certain race (due to legal reasons, we won't go into details here) in line right "behind" us and let's just say he had a very playful attitude and got a little frisky with his sword.

In a way

So yeah. Where are all the posts? WHAT!!? We missed our goal? Big deal! Does that mean we're just going to give up? I think not! Anyway, I guess Natalie went back to Texas today. She was here in case some of you failed to receive that memo. At the risk of turning into Debbie (I love you, Debs!), I'm going to recap the entire weekend -- without the aid of a monitor or a backspace key. Here goes nothing.

well on thursday morning i picked up natalie from the airport in burbackn. it as a lot of fund. we went to lunch and it was fun too. later we went to pasadenea and ate didenner there. then on friday we went to the beach. actually we specnt the dentire day tat thet beach. itw as so asewesome. except it was kidn of cloudy. but that's okay we had funa nyway. didnt we? i think so. so then on friday we went scubas diving offt he coast of lesotho iwht the boys. they were so aweomse. they thought us how to swim underwater. i saw some seaweed. i wish yall had been there. on saturday we fumbled our way over to long beacha nd bikced up my brother chuck form th te ariport down there. it was aseomse. then on sunday we had a big holiday for the forth of hjuly. we went to disneyland. the happiest place on eart. although natster found it to be the unhappiest place on earth for ta lot of the people there. a lot of frying babies and unhappy parents. but nata nd i had a lot of fun. so dont you worry or nothing. it was aweseome. we waited 45 minutes fro the peter pan ride at the end of the day. then on monday, i had the day off becasue it was a holdaiay again or something i guess. we went to huntington beach and got sunburnt but it was awesoem anyaywe. so thats about it then. its great to be able to share this weith yall. i hope to see everyone seon! toodles!

I like it

i like the new design. where are all the posts. nat and jimmy are yall alive? nat i have a 48 this weekend and was thinking of coming to ft. worth. what do you think? if not that is cool too. icouod stay wiht sarah. oh my goodness this week is amaizng and so much fun. i miss you a;ll. just wanted to say hi and say i liekd the esign

Monday, July 05, 2004

Identity Theft

This guy stole my name, and I'm assuming my identity as well.

tto the ladies of 303

so girls i realized that my scheduled 48 hour off is this weekend so if you dont think yall could come this weekend then i can change it but i woud have to do it soon. i am only not goign to be texas from july 17-25 and then after august 7th. other than that im alwats from firday to sat afternoon. whatever is fine by me. i miss you both so much. yall are truely the best. i hope all is well with both of yall. tootles

we barely missed it

well we barely missed our goal. i cant believe it. im sorry. i just didnt have tiem to keep up with posting last week. cest la vie. maybe lets make a goal for the end of summer. so far today is great. i had an intense game of spoons this morning. i am proud to say i won even though i was one arm down! haha. my girls are challening me for tonight. they are 13 and i lvoe them all. this week is aweosm.e it is for sickle cell. there is just so much culture. i am at hte pool this wqeek nad it is funny seeing the kids get in a pool. most of them hardlyever swim so they all get so excited. well i gott arun but i love you all

Squalor? I just met her!

Yes, I officially live in squalor. The house has reached its dirtiest point yet. I am the only housemate home this weekend, but a bunch of interns passed out here last night, on account of being too drunk to go home. Fireworks and drinking last nite, I sepnt much of my 4th on the couch watching movies. How is everyone in LA? Texas? Highlights of the upcoming week include another round of Whirly Ball and a BBQ with Ford execs.

Sunday, July 04, 2004

happy 4th

happy fourth of july everyone! what are everyones plans for this great dayl well my weekend has been great so far. yesterday the volunteers came and we got to have to have dinner at this awesome ranch. it was so beautiful. then last night i watched 50 first dates. it is a very cute movie. holly please watch it if you have not already. then this morning i went to church and brunch. we had our mealed mysteriously paid for. it turns out the people who had us over to dinner were in the restarant and picked up all of our tabs. it was really neat. the kids are coming today! we are having fireworks over the lake tonight! i cant wait. well i miss you all. happy fourth

I don't believe it.

Nothing much has been going on with me. Just the same old same old. God, I lead such a bane existence.

4th of JuLOG

Happy 4th, LOGgers! I hope everyone is having a fun & safe holiday.

"No to war! War is not always inevitable. It is always a defeat for humanity."

"When war, as in these days in Iraq, threatens the fate of humanity, it is ever more urgent to proclaim, with a strong and decisive voice, that only peace is the road to follow to construct a more just and united society... Violence and arms can never resolve the problems of men."

-Pope John Paul II, on the American attack on Iraq