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Saturday, July 17, 2004

I miss Andy.

I don't know about that bee. He's not as caustically sarcastic as Andy. And not very original.

random friday nights

so last night was one of the most randomn nights ever.  there was a group of four of us who really didnt want to go out out so we decided to head into cleburne for a bit.  that was crazy as it was cuz its such a small town.  we ate at cicis opizza.  megan and i were getting comments made about us by the mexican cooks which was funny.  the convo at dinner was just ridiculous.  it was like wierd hitting on each other.  then on the way home we decided to take one of the huge orange cones randomnly to put in the fire ircle.  now is where it gets crazy.  we decided to bring the kiddie pool in the lodge and fill it up to watch a movie  yeah thats right.  it was FREEZING!  but so much fun.  then we all stayed up till 4 in the mornin just talking and bein wierd.  it was a truely log wrothy event.  can we bring a kiddie pool into farley?

The number 6

That's right folks, the number 6 (Roman numeral VI).  It's 9 am on Saturday and I think I'm going to bed now and will try to break my own record of 16.5 hours of sleep.  Have a good weekend.

Friday, July 16, 2004

They found Bobby Fischer.

It's about time.

I can't take it any more.

I gotta go. Things just got so boring after Andy left.

Bush Patrol

what is bush patrol you might ask.  well it is where you go check the bushes for counselors that are "making out"  well tuesday night me and some of my fellow staff members decided to go on bush patrol.  low and behold we see a light on the fishing peir.  we sneakily sneak up. well okay it was a little loud cuz i control my giggling.  well when we walk up a guy walks out behind the closet with a fishing pole that has the string still wrapped around the pole.  he looked all nervous and quickly said he had already caught two bass.  yeah right!  while we looked around one of our staff said he saw a woman sneak off the pier.  isnt that crazy.  and you thought my work out here wasnt excitng!


I just saw the groundhog day countdown and got really excited.....only 200 days you guys! woot woot, thats only in punxsatawney!

Thursday, July 15, 2004

Yankees 5, Tigers 1

W - Contreras
L - Bonderman
Baseball game was fun, but Detroit is really ghetto.

a walk to remember

Just thought that you all should know, mostly debbie, that the author of the notebook and a walk to remember, is in fact also an alumni of our very own notre dame...check it out debs....now you will love themovies even more http://newsinfo.nd.edu/content.cfm?topicid=5303 !

the bee blurb

Seeing as how the bee has become a somewhat prominent poster and postee by way of reference, i was wondering if jimmy might be able to add a creative blurb for the bee on the side of the blog with the rest of ours so that those of us who have not been so privileged as to meet this bee character can learn a little about him. ok bye

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

best comment section convo

I just wanted to point out how hilarious and log like the comment section of the post "cjm posting" is....everyones comments are so typical and i like it...more than i am letting on.....debs lets out her sassy side, jimmy infuriates the girls as usual, nat "doesnt like it" and disagress and johnny simply says "who"? I can just see us having this conversation in 303 and i miss yall! maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Hope everyone is having a splendid wednesday! woot woot!

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Log Nomination

fellow log members i would like to nominate james richard mcGiver to take the place of andrew hagens while andy is in china. if you need to really know my reason to support this nominations look at my previous posts about why i feel rich would make a good log member. all in favor say I

2005 Mustang Convertibles

I got to sit in one today as they did a soak test on it - spraying water from all angles. It was cool. Me and Molly watched the movie "Swimming Pool" I didn't get it. If anyone has seen it and understands it, please clue me in.

cjm posting

to clear up any confusion yes jamie and i are still wonderful. i am not single as the previous post implies. that was ken a cjm staff member who really wanted to post on oour blog. i have no idea why he posted that but from now on he is banned from posting. have a wonderful day

Monday, July 12, 2004

single, college student, female, and...super hot

i'm available friends and waiting. get me before the texas guys get me. Hurry I can't resist them

LOG's Dead!

Now that Andy's gone, we all need to step it up a little bit.

I can't take it anymore

Hello everyone,

The friendliness, nostalgia, and good-naturedness displayed in recent posts has led me to say "I can't take it anymore." I joined LOG based on the three sound ideals of Sarcasm, Making Fun Of People, and Debbie. I think those ideals are no longer part of the benevolent monster that LOG has become. Therefore, on account of the afore-mentioned reason, coupled with the fact that I am soon going to a country where blogs are banned, I will be retiring from LOG for now (and perhaps permanently).

Fare ye well, and may God have mercy on our souls. I trust that The Bee will more than fill my shoes as LOG's SEO and token black guy.


Boney B

P.S. I love you guys! You girls are awesome, and Jimbo you have been the best roomie ever, and also Johnny thanks for being the honorary roommate! I love everyone in LOG, you guys are the BEST! Not.

Visuals from this weekend

can be seen on my ND webspace. Debbie looks really hot in one of them. I'm sure Holly's will be up soon too. Right?

2 things....

1) My hands and arms hurt so much from tube wars and banana boat riding that i am having trouble typing.
2) the thing wwe wanted to post on saturday night natalie but we couldnt remember because we were delirious is the following:

" Groundhog Day at Gobbler's Knob? I'll ground your hog and gobble your knob!"

At least that was one of the things we wanted to post anyway.

oh the memories

of this weekend will forever stand in my mind. come on we girls were truely so college. i will never forget the utter countriness of billy bob's and how that creepy cowboy hit on holly until brave nat stepped in and laid down the law or how we spent all day sat at the lake and did all sorts of cool things and of course our late night girl talk and esp when i alwasy managed to pass out despite the fact of being in the middle of a conversayion or talking to our boys till the wee ours of the night. thats what college is all about. making friends that will last a life time and that you can count on to make your weekend and meet up for radomn trips. thanks girls for the best roomates i could ever want!


Well everyone, there comes a time in every man's life when he spells a word incorrectly and gets ridiculed for it. Just a few minutes ago, I noticed that 'heroin' (the drug) is spelled with only one 'e.' How about that? So by asking you all a few days ago about the possible presence of 'heroine' in the gnome's basket, I was in fact inquiring about the presence of 'a woman noted for courage and daring action' (dictionary.com) and not the highly addictive narcotic also known as diacetylmorphine. Thank you to Stacy at contraversion dot com for pointing this out.

Sunday, July 11, 2004

Woot Woot...thats only in Ft. Worth

Just wanted to send a big thankyou out to natalie cal and debbie scrafford, roomates of the year (yes that is a bigger honor than rotm....) for my best weekend of the summer so far and a 303 reunion to remember! We were glad we got to talk to you boys though too and hope you had fun this weekend, which judging from posts and recent phone convos it sounds like you did! Good luck out there all you workers for just another manic monday...miss yall!

Appeal for picture

I am assuming that trerre is a picture of Holly laing in the grass from this weekend, since "it feels so good on her face." I would liek to see the afe mentoned picture pleasse. i think i broke my fingfer, that ids why my ptying sucks.

Big Trouble

You girls are in so much trouble. I have proof here for all to see that you three went to a derby without us! You hypocrites! That is definitely Holly standing next to Debbie and I know that Natalie was taking the photo. You are in big trouble now.


Today I went to Cleveland for my football game. I started at defense and played the whole game. Halftime score: Detroit Padraig Pearse 0-8, Cleveland St. Pat's 1-4. We came out rocking in the second half and blew them out of the water. Final Score: Detroit 4-13, Cleveland 1-5. We play the Jarlaiths in 2 weeks, and if we win that game, it's on to Denver for the National tournament.


At 12:50:56 PM PDT, a 2.6 magnitude earthquake was registered 5 miles NE of my house. The microearthquake has been numbered ci14073144.

Do you ever stop and think about

the times when we would come home to find you sitting at our computers or on the futon?
We do.
Or how Holly's desk had a sign that said "Johnny's Desk, Roommate", a picture of his niece and a guinness paperweight from Ireland on it?
We do.
Or how if one of us was in the library (usually Debbie) we would go and find her with candy?
We do.
Or how Jimbo used to refer to himself as Hoculi and we went to watch him referee a game?
We do.
Or how Johnny was always at an SYR?
We do.
Or how we were watching the Sopranos and Debbie asked if they were in the mafia?
We do.
Or how this was getting really old but we just wanted to do it anyway to infuriate you.
We do.
Or how we like to infuriate you?
We do.
That's what loggers are for.

You know what you should do?

Watch the LOG movie and remember all those times that we've tried to forget all summer. We did. It was alright. I guess.


when you guys were obsessed with having a sleepover in Farley and one Mexican dinner night you stayed till about ten after parietals and we were all in bed and then yall went running around looking for shoes and then out the door?
We do.