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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

its beginning to look alot like christmass

i just have to say its a winter wonderland here and we are on break....holls maybe i will attempt another snowman like last year :)

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Walking through cambridge? Fine by me....

that is of course if we are the pretty little things, the male bloggers are the king, and notre dame in the spring is the jungle room!
On favorite log music note i have in my possession finally a tecno version of probably our most favorite song ever (well besides your the reason in my life i guess) yes you guessed it....california dreaming! can we please listen to it on the way back?

Walking though Cambridge

So I guess it's been nearly a month since I posted. I guess I was lacking in inspiration. But this past weekend, I went to visit Cambridge. My flatmates and I were walking along The Backs of the colleges on a pathway along the road. From up the road, this car filled with rowdy Brits is blaring Walking in Memphis and I was in shock. How was it that our 303 song made it across the ocean to these foreigners who clearly loved this song as much as we do? Well, thought you might like to know. Maybe I'll find more inspiration to write again soon. I'm off to go chill with Howie at the office.

Sunday, November 21, 2004

i am not dead....

but almost was after what turned out to be a week long fiesta in celbration of my 21. the grand finale i mightaddis almost gipper worthy, but i heard the gipper sucks this year so i will just tell yall. a few friends here, including one rather tall farleyite, made me some special brownies if youwill, as the special ingredient for those special brownies is apparently a lot easier to come by here in good ole mexico. as you might infer rolling on the grass was the least of my problems after about 6 brownies and tgifridays in mexico was just more than i could bear. anyway remember what your dare officer told you and just say no, or say yes when yuo are in mexico and never ever ever do it again....lol.......rowdy or no?
love yall and miss you! see you in a bout a month or so.